Strategy, Design and Development

Our basic aim is to produce living values; improve and sustain them with creative strategies in design and development


Logicalbond Software & Consulting

We analyze our business partners' desired targets and help them to clarify their goals. For that, we make a multi-disciplinary research, thorough analysis and meticulous evaluation. We develop our strategies and mature our solutions within each project's own context, since they are all unique.

We have accepted dynamic and sustainable approaches as our foundation while nurturing our thoughts with experiences and references.


We provide sustainable product lifecycle to deliver flawless services. For that, we combine our each element Strategy, Design and Development.
Every result achieved, for us, means a new potential for a better version ahead. That is why we prefer to set long term business partnerships.


We believe that, every decision should have a reason to involve of the product strategies' lifecycle.

Our strategy approach and understanding the reasons are completly based on user insights. Analysing throught the user insights makes easier to be able to have great decisions. That's why we believe that stratgy is our lay of the foundation.

Design thinking is the essential methodoly to consume for our projects. We do not only believe but also experience that user centered approach is the key solution for great product strategies.

  • Understanding the clients and user need with our wide empathy approach
  • Analysing the user needs
  • Projecting the user behaviours on customer journey maps
  • Consolidating insight based on datas

always lighten up our way to create great ideas for strategies.

  • User Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Product Strategy
  • Create Ideas
  • Analysing Needs


We think that design is the bridge between technology and human. GOOD DESIGN is our key to explain our understanding because good design is not only so effective and shiny think. It is something that user do not think while using it.

Our design approach involves functinonal, emotinal and holistic ideas which are centered on users. We care each pixel of interfaces to connect with the user.

  • Stratgy based design concepts,
  • Gudining line architecture to reach informations,
  • Wireframes to have pixel perfect interfaces,
  • Combining right graphic elements to reflect emotions,
  • Prototyping and testing to have feedbacks from users,

are our steps to reach out the best user experiences.

  • UX
  • UI
  • Prototypin & Testing
  • Service


Logicalbond presents the quality-measurable medium and large scale application solutions with the approved and prestige gained technologies in this sector.

Application and improvement is based upon a ture analysis and design, active work, customer feedback, prompt methods and application life cycle.

Logicalbond performs continuous last user experience with the application and improvement basis.

Cloud Technologies takes place in our prior solution recommendation which we have been following closely from its beginning until today.

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • IOT
  • Digital Transformation
  • Middleware Consultancy
  • Mulesoft Consultancy (Certified)
  • API Management
  • DevOps


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